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rustic pine wood furniture


The ranges produced by Demar Mobili for living and dining rooms are made from Nordic pine of the highest quality. The thickness of our solid pine furniture varies depending on the range. The wood is treated using only non-polluting and non-toxic paints and glues in compliance with the latest environmental protection legislation. Eco-sustainability is very important to us. Our rustic furniture is designed to satisfy the furnishing requirements of all living spaces. All our pine furniture is manufactured exclusively in Italy at our Prata facility.

Furniture must be more than just made from solid wood if it is to be sturdy and stand the test of time. Other factors such as humidity and heat can affect solidity, stability, and functionality. Therefore we take great care in selecting the paints we use. The solid pine is treated so it keeps its characteristic as a material that “breathes” and which adapts to weather changes.

Discover our solid wood collections:

Credenza rustica soggiorno in legno massello di pino


The Firenze range includes solid pine furniture manufactured with artisanal care. All finishes are designed to ensure your home is furnished ergonomically and with taste. The structure, on the other hand, is sturdy enough to provide the rustic solid pine furniture with enough resistance to contain and display your household items. The jewels in the crown of this range are the rustic dressers, tables, and chairs which improve even further the vast assortment of furnishing accessories already consisting of chests, coat racks, plate racks, TV stands and shelves. Our accessories, also made from solid pine, allow you to furnish your living spaces in full in compliance with our philosophy of environmental sustainability.

The thickness of the solid pine varies depending on the article and in compliance with how sturdy the piece of furniture must be. Thicknesses are shown in millimetres on the specification sheet for each product included in our online catalogue.

Once again the leading role is played by wood! Our pine furniture, like the tree trunks in a forest, breathe to emanate a noble fragrance throughout your house helping to create an idyllically peaceful home ambience.


Parete attrezzata soggiorno in legno massello


The Cadore range is manufactured entirely using solid wood. It is designed to provide versatility. To us versatility means moving items, exchanging them, playing with them. Versatility means living the changes in an ever-stimulating space, rediscovering yourself starting from your own home and experiencing never-ending new emotions. Cadore is designed to provide the right solution for all functionality and space requirements. The various components available make it easy to create bookcases, equipped walls, container furniture and to give a touch of dynamism and energy to your home.

The Cadore range is ideal for furnishing private homes and spaces open to the public such as, for example, restaurants, bars, wine bars and cafés. Thicknesses, strength, and style is combined with simplicity, sleek lines, and tradition making this range ideal for furnishing both large open spaces and the more intimate confines of a private home.

The main technical specifications are as follows:
– Structure thickness: 27 mm.
– Door thickness: 25 mm.
– Shelf thickness: 27 mm.
– Drawer front thickness: 25 mm.
– Shelf thickness: 27 mm.


Credenza rustica soggiorno in legno massello di pino


Collection Made entirely in solid wood. Shims important of our furniture is solid pine wood, make the collection Cervino, expression of strength and stability without compromise. The purity and the minimal lines like to mild the massive structure and reflect the desire for perfection, serenity and positive atmospheres. The scent of real wood pine inhabits the air of the house with the breath of nature.