Demar Mobili S.r.l. has specialised in the production of pine furniture since 1985. The company is located in one of the most famous Italian furniture manufacturing areas, namely the Veneto Furniture District.

We can help you furnish your home with the warmth of rustic pine furniture in both the modern and classic style. Our products are designed to satisfy the requirements of each room in your home, from basement rooms to large spaces, but with an eye on price at all times.

This website includes a complete, up-to-date catalogue full of suggestions for furnishing your favourite rooms. You will also find offers, promotions, new articles and furnishing accessories.

Continuous research and development helps us to improve the articles we supply resulting in products that are always competitive in terms of price and quality.

With this in mind we are pleased to accompany you to the world of Pine furniture to showcase its characteristics and merits.


Some of the main features of our products are described below to help you better understand the manufacture of Demar pine furniture and our philosophy.


Finiture sample

Real-life colours may vary slightly from the shades shown on your computer screen.


  1. The glues and paints used to manufacture our products are non-toxic to ensure respect for the environment and the people using the furniture. Special consideration is also give to the price-quality ratio and the service supplied to customers.
  2. The choice of colour must always be in harmony with the surrounding space. Our wide range of colours includes classic and more modern shades.
  3. As you can see the main feature of our surface treatment process is to ensure the grain and knots of the wood remain visible.
  4. Attention to detail such as rounded corners and other finishing touches means our products can be told apart from standard furniture.


Our philosophy is to give value to furniture which is rich in content and merits, right down to the finest detail, to give your space that touch of warmth provided by real wood.


Our idea of the home is as a functional space, personal and welcoming, with each one different according to situation and requirements. Careful design and artisanal tradition, combined with intelligent use of modern production technologies, ensure the quality and authenticity of each individual item.


  1. Restaurant and cafès
  2. Bars
  3. Hotels
  4. Bed and breakfast
  5. Private homes
  6. Beach homes
  7. Mountain homes
  8. Community centres
  9. Miscellaneous spaces



Example Restaurats furniture

Esempio Arredo Bar

Example bars furniture










Measured solutions with maximum attention given to customer requirements.

Our expertise and experience at your service.



Example hotels furniture


Example hotels furniture










As can seen from the configurations illustrated above, Demar rustic pine furniture does not necessarily have to be used to create a classic furnishing look. Our products can also be adapted to suit more modern styles, regardless of the context, from public meeting places to country houses, seaside homes and mountain chalets. A product to suit all tastes and requirements.

Please take a look at our catalogue showing photographs of and configurations for a variety of spaces.

The list below is a good starting point in the search for the furniture you want. We’ve linked together the model with a specific living space to make your job as easy as possible.

1. Cadore – Living room bookcase

2. Dolomite – Pine kitchen furniture

3. Firenze – Pine tables, benches, dressers and miscellaneous accessories

4. Gardenia – Pine bedroom furniture

5. Lounges – Pine living room furniture, various models available


Our rustic pine furniture can be used to furnish a vast assortment of rooms in harmony with the living space around you. We have solutions to suit all tastes and pockets.





Dolomite kitchen Made mainly using solid pine
Asolo Kitchen Made mainly using solid pine
Firenze living room Made mainly using solid pine
Cervino living room Made mainly using solid pine
Cadore bookcase Made mainly using solid pine
Gardenia bedroom Made mainly using solid pine, wardrobe sides made from honeycomb panels
Sara Sofa Made mainly using solid pine
Capri Sofa Made mainly using solid pine
Elios Sofa Made mainly using solid pine
Elisa Sofa Made mainly using solid pine
Rocking chair Made mainly using solid beech


The furniture is made mainly using pine. However the bottoms and frames of drawers, backs of furniture and other components are made using different materials.


We hope we’ve whetted your appetite for delightful furniture made from solid pine, manufactured with care and designed with an eye for detail to meet your requirements.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We will provide you with all the information you need.