Demar Mobili pine furniture is manufactured using processing techniques designed to safeguard the environment  and ensure the safety and wellbeing of people.

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Advantages of pine

Our pine furniture is made exclusively using genuine solid wood. The thickness of the solid wood varies depending on the article and in compliance with how sturdy the piece of furniture must be. Processing is precise and surface treatments are environment-friendly to allow the wood to keep the attributes of a living thing which “breathes” and “renews” itself.


  1. Wood is hygroscopic i.e. it absorbs excess humidity and then returns it to the room when the conditions are drier.
  2. Wood is resistant thanks to its ability to adapt to climatic changes.
  3. Wood is antistatic i.e. it absorbs electromagnetic waves.
  4. Wood is completely natural and therefore does not pollute.
  5. Wood can be recycled and therefore can be reused for different purposes thus reducing the production of waste.


Nordic pine

We are proud to say that all our furniture is made exclusively from timber derived from forests which are managed in compliance with the principles of environmental sustainability. The forests are constantly monitored and assessed so that the processing of timber is efficient and compatible with maintaining the vitality and biodiversity of the flora and fauna ecosystems and therefore nature conservation. The rights and wellbeing of local communities are recognised and protected with the aim of developing and improving a green economy. A new tree is planted for each one that is cut down. The forest is treated as a renewable resource as opposed to the disposable-resource mentality of indiscriminate deforestation. The timber we use comes from Nordic pine forests located in Sweden and Finland. The trees, grown in a cold, temperate continental climate, belong to the family Pinaceae and rarely reach more than 30 metres in height. Only timber from trees grown at specific latitudes provides greater resistance to fungus and colour variations. Nordic pine has thin and uniform rings and is therefore more homogeneous. It is for these reasons we only use Nordic pine. This prestigious wood provides good mechanical resistance which is further increased by the processing techniques used. It is also a thermo-regulator i.e. it absorbs excess humidity and returns it to the room in drier conditions. It also prevents the accumulation of electro-static charges thus making the room healthier and more people-friendly.

Your bedroom or that of your children will be a healthy and comfortable place to sleep thanks to solid wood furniture.

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Finland – Forest pines


Sweden – Forest pines









Materials used

Protecting the health of people and safeguarding the environment is important to us. Therefore we only use materials which comply with current legislation during each stage of furniture production. Glues are free of harmful substances. Our solid wood furniture is treated using paints with low environmental impact.  It is the water in water-based paints which acts as a vehicle to transfer the resin and additives to the furniture being treated. This reduces significantly and almost eliminates the emission of solvents with only water vapour being released into the atmosphere. Water-based paints are odourless, non-flammable and have low toxicity. They also ensure excellent performance without damaging the environment. For this reason we use them to treat the furniture designed for children’s pine bedroomspine kitchens and the solid wood furniture for daytime living spaces.


Solid wood furniture

Rustic pine furniture can be stylishly adapted to suit all spaces. It provides endless opportunities to customise your home. We even make made-to-measure furniture to suit your tastes and requirements.  Solid wood furniture is distinguished by its aesthetic balance and natural look. Solid wood furniture is made using a living thing which “breathes” and mutates. Over time it acquires new shades and highlights. It has its own odour, the pleasing smell of resin. It evokes nature as well as a welcoming and reassuring atmosphere. Solid wood furniture will provide your home with warmth and conviviality making it the ideal place to mix with friends and family, to chat, to live. Solid wood furniture will be with you for a long time to provide a constant source of new emotions and the security that only environment-friendly furniture can provide.

Cameretta bianca

Pine wood bedroom

Cucina Asolo Biscotto

Pine wood kitchen









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